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There is no “one size fits all” SEO solution.

Google changes the “rules” on a regular basis to what it takes to rank high in the search engines.  There are over 200 different factors that need to be optimized in order for your website to dominate search listings, things like having a mobile friendly website, optimized title tag and meta description on each page, and large amount of relevant links pointing to your website. 

We tailor our SEO strategies around your unique business goals to repair (when needed), build-up and strengthen the foundation of your business’s website and marketing to get you more leads, clients, customers, and the reviews you want.

Our SEO services are built upon:

  • Return on investment SEO strategies
  • Technical on-page SEO optimizations
  • Extensive quality link building and directory management
  • Quality optimized and written content 
  • Transparent communications and reporting

Bourbon Interactive Will Help Outrank Your Competition 
and Get More Customers

  • Keyword Saturation
  • Competition
  • Local Listings
  • Conversions

Outperform Your Competition

With over 18 years of experience in small & medium business marketing, we know how to overcome your challenges. Our SEO packages are designed to: 

  • Rank your business for the top search phrases.
  • Convert new customers by getting more leads and higher brand recognition.
  • Dominate your online presence in all areas of interaction.

We put you ahead of your competition

Where are you ranked now?  When someone searches for your products or services online, do you show up on the first page?  On page 2?  Where is your competition, are you ahead of them?  Did you know 75% of customers searching online do not look past page one of Google’s listings? 

With Bourbon Interactive SEO services, you maximize your online presence.  We drive your website above your competition to reach more customers and increase quality traffic to your website.



We make it easy to increase your visibility in 2 ways

1. On-page SEO
SEO all starts with optimizing the over 50 factors of your website by providing quality content, Alt and Meta tags, page speed, internal linking structure and optimizing page titles and more.

2. Off-page SEO
We build your visibility online by increasing your inbound links, local listings, press-releases, off-site articles, and guest blogging.

How does Bourbon Interactive Help You Get To The Top?

Technical On-Page SEO

  • Ongoing tweaks for page title tags, anchor text, meta descriptions, and headings
  • Ongoing monitoring of page rank, keyword strategy, and site hierarchy
  • Ongoing creation of new pages and blog posts optimized for your site
  • Fine-tuning your website to Google webmaster guidelines

External Content & Links

  • Ongoing link building from relevant websites pointing to yours
  • Ongoing creation of press-releases, map listings, directory listings
  • Guest blog posts and articles that link to your website using optimized content marketing tactics
  • Building up of Social Media brand presence

Transparent Reporting & Results

  • Ongoing monthly reporting of strategy progress
  • No black hat methods here, only proven white hat search engine optimized seo
  • ROI-driven SEO strategy customized to your business needs
  • Conversion optimized web pages to increase customers and leads

Keyword Research


Site Architecture


On-Page Optimization


Local Listings




Content Development


Link Building


Conversion Rate Optimization


Answers to Your Questions

What Exactly Is SEO?

This is one of the most miss-understood concepts with having a website, but basically, SEO is the activity that attempts to improve how well your website ranks in the search engines for specific keywords.

There are hundreds of different aspects that go into getting a website to rank in the search engines from page load speed to getting links from other sites to connect to yours.  It takes a lot of hard work and time to get sites listed and ranked high enough to be successful, but that is where we come in.

What is the difference between Local or National SEO?

Whether you want your website to be found by only local searchers or by anyone searching relevant key phrases on the national level determines the type of search engine optimization we provide for your business.  Local search rankings consist of getting your website ranked in the “Map Pack” and require many location-based links to your website.  Nationally ranked listings require agressive and extensive link campaigns and take significantly longer to acheive results.


How Why Invest In SEO?

If all you see when you search in Google for the products and services you offer is your competitors, then it’s probably time for you to invest in SEO.

SEO is not a quick return like PPC marketing and typically takes a minimum of three months to see the results of your SEO efforts, but the return is the highest you will get for online marketing methods.  SEO will deliver continuous traffic to your website without ads.

Over 90% of customers use the internet to research businesses before visiting them. If you are not at the top of the results, you are losing potential customers.  Getting ranked in the search engines has become a must-have tactic in your marketing plans.



This is one of the most miss-understood concepts with having a website, but basically, SEO is the activity that attempts to improve how well your website ranks in the search engines for specific keywords.

There are hundreds of different aspects that go into getting a website to rank in the search engines from page load speed to getting links from other sites to connect to yours.  It takes a lot of hard work and time to get sites listed and ranked high enough to be successful, but that is where we come in.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

No company can guarantee search engine results and any SEO agency that says they will guarantee page one rankings is being dishonest. Google warns against hiring SEO firms who claim to guarantee rankings.  Google is constantly changing its algorithm and what it takes to be on top of relevant results.  Bourbon Interactive’s track record of delivering results to our clients speak for itself. Read our case studies to see how we have gotten other businesses like yours to the top!

How long does it take to see results?

There are over 200 different factors in ranking your website high in the search engines.  Not only does it take some time to produce the changes Google needs to see, but it takes some time for the Google index to update. Typically on national campaigns, we start seeing results around 90 days. If it is a highly competitive listing, results may take up to 180 days. For local listings, you may see results as early as 30 days.

Are you a White Hat SEO Firm?

Absolutely! The techniques and strategies we perform to get results with our clients are 100% White-Hat. What does that mean? That means, we only use proven Google approved tactics to gain higher ranking.  Alternatively, some SEO companies use “Black Hat” SEO tactics and strategies on their customers. These methods may produce quick results but ultimately, the site will be caught and penalized. 

Can you help websites with a Google penalty?

Yes, we have pulled many sites out of Google’s penalty and gotten them back on track. Typically this requires a full audit of the website, determining the particular Google penalty or penalties, and correcting issues that Google requires. Let us help you get back on the search results page and in Google’s grace.

PPC or SEO, which one is better?

Its a case of apples and oranges. SEO increases your search position thus delivering you free organic traffic to your website, while PPC gives you instant results via ads in top positions in the search engine. With SEO you will pay up front to get ranked and then received unlimited free ongoing organic traffic to your website, while you will pay per each individual coming in through your website but the results should be targeted towards leads and conversion. Typically we recommend you do both PPC and SEO. The PPC will give you instant results while you build up your rankings in SEO. As you achieve top spots in the search engine, you can scale back your PPC to terms you haven’t ranked for yet.

How do you conduct keyword research?

Starting with a few phrases that are relevant to your business and goals, we use a variety of tools to analyze keywords, determine the search volume in the search queries, the difficulty to rank with that phrase, how relevant the keyword is to the business, competitiveness of the keyword, and how well this keyword will perform for converting of sales and leads.

Do you do link building?

No search engine optimization campaign can be a success without link building. So to answer the question, absolutely. We have a large network of partner blogs, news sites, article sites, directories and more that we build relevant content to your website and link from them to you. If your staff handles SEO but has trouble with link building, give us a call and we can set up a package just for you.

Do you have a website audit service?

Ok, so the nerd in me wants to scream, “We love auditing websites!”, but that might come off a bit strong. So yes, we have an audit service and we may go a bit overboard with the depth of the audit for you, but that’s what we do.  We deliver more than what is expected.

Do you work with eCommerce websites?

Yes, we work with many e-commerce websites for SEO growth. Shopping sites usually come with their own challenges and unique set of rules, but our track record speaks for itself on growing those businesses.  We have worked with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more.

Will changes need to be made to my website?

There are a few types of changes needed to be done to your website depending on the SEO health of the website. The first of those changes are typical to the code or content of the site, like changing header tags, titles, anchor text, etc.  The next type of change would be performance adjustments to improve site loading speed.  Site loading speed plays a huge role in search engine ranking and the user experience so we can’t let this go. Finally, the last change is to make sure the site is mobile friendly.  If your site is already mobile friendly, then this is typically not needed.  In any case, we usually don’t make changes to the site’s structure or design unless requested.

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